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  • Darling Hall & Rae v. Kritt, (1999) 75 Cal App 4th 1148, 89 Cal. Rptr.2d 676 (legal malpractice; civil proc. Level of ev sufficient for Summ Judgmt)
  • Roth Steel Products Co. v. Sharon Steel, Co., 705 F.2d134 (6th Cir, 1983) (commercial contract, UCC—landmark case involving claims of “economic duress” arising from the steel shortage crisis in 1978)
  • Standard Oil Co. of Ohio v. United States Department of Energy, 465 Fed. Supp. 274 (N.D. Ohio, 1978) (oil pricing and shortage due to energy crisis)
  • Worlds of Wonder v. Vector Intercontinental, 653 Fed. Supp. 135 (N.D., Ohio, 1986) (IP; copyright infringement, treble damage action)
  • Irene Ross v. The Euclid Board of Education, 52 Ohio App.2d 28, 1977(wrongful termination public sector governmental supervisory employee)
  • Bernardini v. Board of Education, (1979) 58 Ohio St.2d 1, 387 N.E.2d 1222 (wrongful termination of school administrator, employment practices; public sector)
  • Julie Heldman v. Uniroyal, 53 Ohio App.2d 21, 371 N.E.2d 557 (1977)(prod liab; Uniroyal prof tennis surface; liability limitations applied to professional athlete)
  • Ryder v. LFP, Inc., defended celebrity publisher Larry Flint, and his company LFP, Inc., in a wrongful termination case (with overlap to the underlying "DeLorian" case), by the company's chief security agent, who was also a noted underworld figure turned "states evidence", in a well publicized L.A. murder case.
  • Bass v. Christie & Berele, LASC (13 ½ week Jury Trial) (1998) Legal mal defense of law firm and attorney (now judge), against real estate developer's claim of legal malpractice in connection with client's use of ponzi scheme involving multiple R/E development investments.
  • USC Univ. Hosp v. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. (2011) __ Cal App. 4th ___ (2d App. Dist., no. B221063) Recovery of excessive double-billing scheme by hospital, from lung transplant cases. Defended medical HMO from claims by outsourced organ transplant hospital, using scheme to over-bill medical care insurer for organ transplant surgeries.)
  • Dwane ("Dog Bounty Hunter") Chapman, et al.  v Julander, Brown & Bollard (2013) (legal mal, fraud and IP claims against attorneys, litigated in an international arbitration involving Mexican Criminal Law and Amparo Mex. Fed Ct. proceedings.  The lawyers were hired to defend a notable bounty hunter of reality TV fame, who went to Mexico to capture a U.S. criminal bail jumper who fled there from a highly publicized U.S. criminal case.  They succeeded, but then were themselves arrested by the Mexican police and charged with Mexican crimes-- bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico.)