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Product Liability

B. Casey Yim cut his teeth defending industrial and auto manufacturers, and public utilities and oil companies in the midwest in nation-wide product litigation. He is known and respected for his trial ability and track record in the defense of product liability cases on behalf of self-insured corporate manufacturers, as well as national and international liability insurers. He is also known and respected for his defense of public and private utility companies, and other pubic corporations, in distribution, product, unfair competition and anti-trust litigation, industrial fires and other disasters, both in State and Federal administrative agencies, and other litigation arenas.

The firm represents manufacturers, distributors and retailers of a wide range of products, including, but not limited to, tools, machinery, heavy equipment, presses, automobiles, gasoline and oil products, commercial trucks, tractors and trailers, aircraft and electronic equipment and machinery. Mr. Yim is typically retained in product cases when litigation appears imminent, or has commenced, and is regularly brought in as trial counsel after discovery has begun, due to his reputation for successfully handling of a number of high-profile cases over the decades, against many of the best plaintiffs' firms in the United States.

Mr. Yim and his associate attorneys practicing in the area of Product Liability and Utility litigation are experts in developing strategic game plans to bring about successful results for the client in any given case, at minimum cost and expense. They have a track record of defending clients at every stage of the litigation process - successful pre-trial dispositive motions, settlements, intra-trial motions in limine, directed verdict or non-suit, and ultimately defense verdicts.